Error Codes

Please be aware of our error codes.

Codes / Messages

Our error codes and descriptions below

Code Message
60007 Order already exists.
60010 Merchant is not found.
60012 Customer not found.
60013 Invalid transaction type.
60074 Payment items total amount is not equal to payment amount.
60094 Merchant could not be found
60135 Unsupported currency.
60152 Merchant is not active.
60154 Api key is not valid.
60155 Api key not found.
60156 IP address rejected.
60157 Merchant site is not active.
60207 Only one of fields paymentId and orderId must be filled.
60209 Direct payment is not enabled for your site.
60211 Direct payment customer not found.
60213 Order id is not valid.
60214 Customer number length must be 8.
60215 Invalid amount.
60216 Currency is not valid.
60217 Url is not valid.
60218 Invalid customer number.
60219 Transaction type is null.
60220 Payment method not valid.
60221 Customer must be empty qr payment.
60227 Invalid customer refence number.
60250 Virtual iban not enabled.
60257 Virtual iban not found.