Welcome to the Jeton Wallet API v3

We have recently published new version of integration API. We will be keeping it up-to-date.
Environment Endpoint
Live https://walletapi.jeton.com
Sandbox https://sandbox-walletapi.jeton.com

Payment Statuses

Status Description
SUCCESS The transaction has been successfuly finalized.
FAILED The transaction has been failed.
INITIALIZED The transaction request has been created
PROCESSING The transaction is being processed.

Payment Journey Statuses

Status Description
INITIALIZATION_STEP Transaction initiated and customer has not been redirect yet.
COMPLETE_YOUR_PROFILE_STEP Customer has been required to complete profile before making the purchase
REDEEM_AND_PAY_STEP Customer needs to top up their balance to complete purchase
PAYMENT_STEP Customer has been on complete payment screen.
SEND_MONEY_STEP Last attempt before finalizing the payment
SIGN_UP_STEP Customer needs to register to Jeton Wallet
SET_NEW_PASSWORD_STEP Completing register step by creating password
LOGIN_STEP Customer needs to login to Jeton Wallet account
SMS_VERIFICATION_STEP Two-Factor verification code has been sent
EXCHANGE_STEP Customer has been making exchange transform between wallet accounts
PAYMENT_FINALIZED Payment completed
USER_CANCELLED Transaction has been canceled by user
FAILURE Transaction has been failed (Only for payout request)