This endpoint allows merchants to get payments from customers.

Jeton Direct New
Jeton Direct is the fastest way for both Merchants and Customers to get paid. You can request customers to confirm Jeton Direct payment in the first initiate request. Whenever the customer accepts, we will return "method" : "DIRECT" parameter. After all you just need to wait our IPN to credit your customer.
HTTP 202 Accepted

Request Header

Before sending the request to our endpoint in order to create an payout request. You must set your request header described below.
Key Value *
Content-type application/json Required

Request Body

Before sending the request to our endpoint in order to create an initiate payment. You must set your request body described below.

Parameter Description Example Type *
orderId Your transaction identifier. (must be unique) ABC-123 String Required
amount The amount of transaction 10.10 Decimal Required
currency The currency of transaction (ISO 4217) EUR String Required
method DIRECT DIRECT String Required
returnUrl Customers will be redirected back to this endpoint after purchase or cancelation String Required
customer Customer's Jeton Wallet ID number 12345678 String Required
customerReferenceNo Customer's your site ID number which needs to be unique per customer 112233445566 String Required
language Language option for checkout page (ISO 639-1) EN String Optional

Request Example

Content-Type application/json

Response Example

  • Status: 202 Accepted